Trend Micro sets up 2018 global AI contest inside company

Trend Micro (趨勢科技) takes the initiative of 2018 global AI contest inside the company. The current regional warm-up game is Texas hold’em. The top 300 teams will be sent to Japan to compete with each other. I wonder how and where to accommodate 1500 people for eating and housing.


Currently, we are encouraged to polish up our AI kung fu with various machining learning algorithms and create better bots.
From my personal experience and my team’s internal testing, it seems Deep Q Learning(DQN) is not as good as rule-based method. Maybe because it’s not trained very well. Hopefully, with more training, one day it can defeat any real human beings and bots. It could be just like how AlphaGo or AlphaZero learned with AI techniques and finally became the world number one in Go game.


Source code can be viewed from here.
You will probably see other Trenders contribute their DQN code to github more and more.