Tips for getting hired as AI research engineer

Tips for getting hired as AI research engineer

◊Join Kaggle competition, and develop machine learning algorithms

◊Join AI hackathon, and keep the finished project result

●用Jupyter Notebook練習資料科學的資料統計及機器學習演算法
◊Use Jupyter Notebook to practice data science with statistics and machine learning algorithms

◊Demo Personal independent AI project, and put the source code on Github.

◊Write down your learning experience for AI/ML on blogger. (Ex.LinkedIn/Medium/Wordpress/Blogger)

◊Earn AI/ML related education degree. It could be Bachelor, Master, or PhD degree.

◊Have some AI/ML research paper published.

◊Set up personal website, or use host your AI portfolio.
[Ex] 可供參考portfolio範例網站
Jason Chuang
Hammad A Usmani


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