AI can understand an image

I went to Google Cloud OnBoard yesterday, the instructor, Eefy, demo the Vision API. I was totally shock that how the AI can understand the meaning of an image. I want to use  a real case to test it out more. I remember that Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a mistake last December. They put Washington Dulles International Airport image on the second generation passport. Due to this mistake, it costs about 16.5 million NT dollars to put sticker on it. How different is the Washington Dulles International Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport? I use the Google Cloud Vision API to find out.


As we can see, the Vision API can perfectly understand which image is which airport. If the government can leverage AI to do image check, it can save us huge amount of money to remedy mistake.

I am also interested in when did the image recognition/ image classification had such breakthrough. When did the AI beat human’s judgement. Then I found out it’s the ImageNet Classification contest. It happens around 2015, and after that, AI always win over human eyes. The last ImageNet classification contest ends in 2017. There is no need to do further contest, because machine AI already outperforms human beings.


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